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Thank you Senator Feinstein!


just got happy

cuz i realized there is a full moon on my birthday.  A Super Blue Moon!  Pretty neat how there's a super moon on the first and last day of this month.  I went out in the frigid temps on New Year's Night to check it out.  It was glaring!  I mean it almost hurt my eyes to look at it.  Stunning.  And the stars were really clear and bright too.  My favorite, Orion, was dazzling!

I'm drinking teas now.  I had to stop all tinctures.  I think I'm an idiot (or maybe just happy, I think I'm just happy).  It's possible the motherwort does not agree with me right now and I figure since it may be the culprit that started it all, then I don't need the chaste tree to regulate.  I bought valerian, but I just want to stop it all.  I do have some sage that I want to take for milk reduction, but I'm just...at a loss at what to do.

However!  Because I feel bad, I have to take something and now I'm relying on magnesium citrate  and dandelion, nettle and ginger teas.  I might take a bit of sage, still not sure.  And I think I will get back on krill oil.  I didn't mean to stop those, just kept forgetting.

I like google's image today:

from wiki: Khorana's invention(s) have become automated and commercialized so that anyone now can order a synthetic oligonucleotide or a gene from any of a number of companies. One merely needs to send the genetic sequence to one of the companies to receive an oligonucleotide with the desired sequence.

One synthetic oligonucleotide comin' up!

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Webster’s Dad


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stuff I like

I saw most of The Day the Earth Stood Still and Sunset Boulevard.  Now these two are going to haunt me to watch the end like Bell, Book and Candle...I still haven't seen the end of that.  I did watch the end of Lair of the White Worm and I can't wait to watch it again.
I did finish an old Twilight Zone episode..huh, even two actually.  I didn't like the second one as much. It was about a hypochondriac that made a deal with the devil to live for a million years.  He was so fucking stupid.  As soon as he lost his fear of dying he kept trying to kill himself.  What's the point?!  The first one was called Walking Distance and it was about a guy that went back to his hometown and found that he actually went back in time and met himself when he was 11 years old.  I really liked his childhood home, I never considered that style before...you know, if I decide to purchase or build an enormous home..ok, girl dreams.  The guy was supposed to be 36 and he seemed much older, funny how more mature people looked back in the Old World...uh-oh, gotta share it:
this is so me--

Also, I think I really like William Holden as an actor, but there is also something unsavory about him.  Picnic is fantastic.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Get the popcorn

So Twitter sources are saying something is up in trumpland, in honor of that I present my favorite thing about Twitter:


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Articles that interested me today



Was the New Deal the reason for 1950s prosperity?  Why do Republicans loathe social safety nets?

from HyperHistory:
The most famous remedy to overcome such economic paralysis was proposed by the English economist J. M. Keynes
Keynes maintained that government must  not be run like a business, because the rational thing for business to do in the midst of an economic downturn is to cut costs, but this is the worst thing to do from the point of view of the national economy as whole as it further reduces spending, resulting in a further spiral into decline. 
Instead Keynes proposed increased government spending for such things as relief payments and public works projects during a depression to get the economy rolling again. After a depression ends and prosperity returns deficit spending should then be reversed. 

The Roosevelt administration acted on this idea in an attempt to lift the United States out of the Great Depression of the 1930's. Roosevelt's 'New Deal' introduced certain features which automatically produced government deficits during a depression. The social security system, including unemployment insurance, and the income-tax system both are set up so that government revenues fall off while government expenditures increase as a depression gets under way. These features were called  built-in stabilizers.
Roosevelt began relatively modest deficit spending that arrested the slide of the economy and resulted in some astonishing growth numbers. (Roosevelt's average growth of 5.2 percent during the Great Depression is even higher than Reagan's 3.7 percent growth during his so-called 'Seven Fat Years!') When 1936 saw a phenomenal record of 14 percent growth, Roosevelt rejected Keynes' advice for heavy deficit spending, instead he eased back on the deficit spending, worried about balancing the budget. But this only caused the economy to slip back into a recession in 1938.
( Note: In 1934 Sweden followed a policy of Keynesian deficit spending and became the first nation to recover fully from the Great Depression )

In order to pay for the New Deal programs Roosevelt raised the top tax rate, and to finance the war economy the top tax rate was raised even more. It remained at 88 percent until 1963, by which time the entire war debt was payed down.
At that time the top tax rate could be lowered to 70 percent. During this period, America did experience the greatest economic boom it had ever known until that time. General income for everybody did raise dramatically. (Unlike the boom of the 1980's when middle class income stagnated but top incomes did raise sharply.)

In the 1980's a renewed scepticism of large-scale government intervention led once more to far reaching deregulations. Keynesian concepts got rejected and his warning about runaway money supply got dismissed.
In a repeat of the 1920's the top tax rate was lowered and the slogan became once again : 'Government is dumb, markets are smart'. The stock market saw again a spectacular rise and for a time the less regulated market forces led to considerable economic successes. (example: the hightech bubble in the 1990's). Blinded by success the money supply got even more increased by so-called derivatives - a development which alarmed some economists. But such warnings got curtly dismissed by most experts of the time as old-fashioned Keynesian politics.
(The legendary investor Warren Buffett called derivatives ' financial weapons of mass destruction.')

Towards the crisis of 2008
In contrast to Roosevelt's tax increases during World War II, the Bush administration tried to
' finance' the Iraq war with tax cuts resulting in a trillion dollar debt. Vice-President Cheney declared famously ' that deficits don't matter anymore'  At the same time the middle class income remained stagnant, which meant that people amassed huge credit debts in order to keep up their expected lifestyles - a situation that proved unsustainable in the long run.

The ideological split widens
As the U.S. Senate designed a bill to stimulate the economy it was revealed that most Democrats accept the Keynesian position that stimulus takes place by government spending replacing temporarely the spending that the private sector is not providing. But Republicans dislike Keynesian economics and think of stimulus more as tax cuts. Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican leader, says "we know for sure that the big spending programs of the New Deal did not work." What got the U.S. out of the Great Depression, he adds, "was the beginning of World War II."
Conveniently left out is the fact that the biggest stimulus ever was the U.S. government spending for the war economy. It was the war wich finally made the opponents of the New Deal accept large deficit spending - the resulting debt was completely payed down in 1963 on account of higher tax rates. (During this period, America did experience the greatest economic boom it had ever known until the oil shock of 1974)

Wow, this Hyper History author is awesome!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What's goin' on?

New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait says Mueller’s investigation is in "mortal danger." E.J. Dionne Jr. of the Washington Post says the campaign to fire Mueller is pushing us "closer to the precipice" of lawlessness. 
-from this article

Make sure you know your protest spot if Mueller is fired.  If he's fired before 2pm the protest is at 5pm; if he's fired after 2pm we meet the next day at noon.  High noon.
I can't believe I have to tell my husband that we have to do this if Mueller is fired.  I can't believe I have to take my kids to protest against the dictatorship of Donald Trump.  But here it is.  So be it.  The fight continues.

Why did NPR call the MBS power grab in Saudi Arabia an economic restructuring?  Why don't they ever say that this purge started right after Jared Kushner took an unannounced trip and stayed up late with MBS?  Jared's idea for peace in the Middle East?  Why do NPR hosts nervously laugh about the terrible Trump things?  I say it all the time now, but they want normal so bad.  You know what?  It's okay to be outraged.

What are Cuties?  Depending on the season they are either Clementine mandarins or Murcott mandarins.  Clementine are a hybrid between a mandarin and sweet orange.  Murcott are the same, also called a tangor which is also called a temple orange.  A tangerine is a closely related or probable type of mandarin.

Monday, December 11, 2017

SSS-Cool Time: Earth Tidbits/Seasonality

Season variations are a response to changes in the sun's altitude or the angle between the horizon and the sun.

Seasonality also means changing daylength or duration of exposure.

Season in concert:

Earth's revolution in orbit around the sun; its daily rotation on its tilted axis; the unchanging orientation of its axis, and its sphericity...and the sun, always the sun.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Merry Hexmas

Bell, Book and Candle is a Christmas movie!

Do they get back together?  I don't know!  I didn't get to finish the movie.  It's hard these days, but eventually I do see the end.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Personal reflection

I just realized what my job for the earth is...propagating dandelions and milkweeds one blow at a time.  I've even propagated two humans to take over for me when I am gone.  You're welcome.

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This morning

Already saw my favorite quote of the day:

Blacula was such a deep movie for me  -Big Daddy Kane

I clearly need to see this movie.

Google Doodle for Gertrude Jekyll the Horticulturalist is awesome!

Found the book, Visions of Cody, in my car and instantly got that excited to read feeling.  Yes.

Who makes the Nazis?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

of note


More Kremlin chaos?  What is precipitating the surge in meddling with the world, Putin?  Is it money?  Why do the ultra rich always seem to need more?

too much orange

Too much orange causes self-centered and self-serving qualities, including pride, arrogance, and lack of care for others.

every day delivery

my sympathetic nervous system is
well oiled
A fleeting thought
inhibits a sickening chemical rinse
every day I check my phone
for the next attack
from our fake president
every day he delivers
psychological warfare